YOEI HWA CO. was founded in the year 1989, Professional manufacture of various types of industrial rubber moldings. Such as motor vehicle's accessories, All types of machinery,
Hardware and electronic parts, Rubber Bellows, Boots,  Vacuum cups, Grommets, OEM and ODM parts, Anti-Vibration components, All kinds of rubber, silicone parts and accessories.

   We apply serious responsible attitude to assist the customer's product planning, material application, design a model mold and so on lead consideration. We also use the injection molding or vacuum molding of the diversitified manufacturing to provide superior performance of rubber and silicone products, Creating customer the best interestes of the most effective cost advantage.

   Using the safety materials to manufacture finished products comply with the environmental protection laws and regulations. Customer's peace of mind to use the product is our responsibility, customer's satisfaction, continuous improvement is that we adhere to the goal. All employees are in line with the admonition of professional, good faith, responsible and dedicated to help customers solve the rubber ,silicone difficulty.

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Registration Number:17QMA10207
No. 308-1, Sec. 4, Zhong Yang North Rd,Beitou 11257, Taipei City,Taiwan, R.O.C.
TEL:02-2618-2142 / 02-2618-6511     
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